Monday, November 16, 2009

And now...

The Labatt's Streamliner!

The last color is actually a very dark blue. I try to avoid using straight black as it's often very harsh, especially when going up against different shades of color. I also thought the blue worked well with the green to complete a very retro look for a very vintage subject.

"Labatt's Streamliner" 2009
Image 6"x4"
6-color reduction print from
single birch plywood block
using Reanaissance Graphics oil-
based inks on 110# Rives off white
cotton paper
Edition: 10
$30 unframed

Labatt Streamliner State #5

First, a big congratulations to Mr. James Jordan who identified this print in its 4th state as the Labatt's Streamliner. I fell in love with this vehicle one winter evening when Amy and I were downtown one evening. We stopped to watch a building being torn down when the Streamliner passed us. Already interested in early 20th century design, this baby spoke to me. Literally, it spake. It said, "Drink some Labatt's. And I did. And it was good.

Back to the print. The color in the 5th state was a happy accident. Thinking that the red was going to affect any color I put over it, I formulated a special color that, had this been screen printing, would have ended up looking like a light gray when printed over red. Ah, but this is NOT screen printing, and the color did not change much at all. In the photo, it looks gray, but is actually a very light green, perhaps the color of dried moss. It is a very retro color (usually found in Nike missile silo basements and jails of the period) and complemented the red so nicely, I decided to change my color plans. The light color of state 5 was necessary to combat the dark of the red. The fact is, I should have done the background first, as I usually do, but unfortunately was already well into the print when I realized my mistake.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A little closer now....

Okay, here we are on state #4. It should be crystal clear to all you playing the game. Just a couple more colors to go. What's the name of this classic Labatt's beer truck?

(HINT: "Classic Labatt's Beer Truck is NOT the answer)

A little info for the print geeks -- this is a reduction print with planned 7 colors on a single 6"x4" block of birch plywood, Renaissance Graphics oil-based ink on very heavy (too heavy) Rives off-white paper. The script for the logo was made using my wife's engraving pen which she uses for her glass work. And yes, I got permission to use it!

What the....

Okay, kids. Here's state #3 for this print. Now, it's obviously a truck, and a Labatt's truck, which also means it's a beer truck. But it's a very special beer truck with a specific name. Tell me what it is, when a copy from the edition of 10 (well, 10 so far. There's still a few colors to go).

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Play to win!

Okay, this is state #2 of the mystery print. The first color is a silvery gray. The second color is a mustard yellow. Yes, it is a truck. But it is a special truck with a specific name (and will be easy to find for the Google-savvy as the pieces come together. Be the first to e-mail and tell me what it is, and you will get one of this brand new print. Unless I screw it up. But that so RARELY happens (see the "Kerflooey" and "Kerflooey II" posts below).


I can't be certain when the image of a firefighter, silhouetted against a home fire, handing the family pet to an elated little girl first got into my head. I think it was over a year ago, and I knew I wanted to do a print of the scene. A year of heavy misfortune forced me away from printmaking until only recently, and I am extremely happy with this print.

The print is 6"x4" on 94# Rives off-white cotton paper. Six colors were printed from one single birch plywood block using Renaissance oil-based inks in an edition of 9. $30 unframed.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Color commentary...

This closeup of "Little Camper" is just to show the retro aqua/turquoise striping on the camper

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guess What?

So here's a chance for you, dear reader, to win some art. This picture is of my latest woodcut print, which I just started tonight. There's no closeup because it's just a big block of gray -- the first color. I will post a photo of the print after each state. As each color gets put on, you will see the image form. The first person who can tell me what it is gets one of the prints. Good luck and have fun.

E-mail your answers to


Under the stars.....

Here is "Little Camper," a fresh woodcut just completed yesterday. Inspired by the Bee Line brand of tiny trailers (which I now find are collectors' items and showpieces) I often saw when I was a kid. I will try to get a better photo for you because the camera here fails to pick up the turqoise/aqua retro striping that defines the front end of the trailer.

An edition of 7, this is a 6"x4" 6-color reduction woodcut printed from birch plywood on acid-free off white Rives cotton paper. Available. $30 unframed.